Our story

Hello. I’m Lucas, and I’m the founder of this small venture we call Scandinavian Presence. Nice to meet you. Since you clicked on this page, I guess you would like to know more about us.

Our story is in our name. First of all, we have the meaning in it’s literal sense. We are based in Eskilstuna, Sweden, a small town an hour away from Stockholm. We’re proud of our heritage, and the Scandinavian themes and nature are the essence of our puzzles.

Now to the real key word of it all – presence. The whole reason I started this. I have dealt with a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. To the point where it felt like my head was in a thousand pieces. No pun intended. Or maybe it was. Anyway, I hardly believe I’m alone in this.

Doing puzzles has been my therapy during the roughest times. With every piece placed, I feel a bit calmer, a bit more present in the moment. And that's why it's our motto - piece together calm.

That’s what we would like to provide you with – a moment of calm. Away from screens and the constant bombardment of input that many of us suffer from in our daily lives. Just you, maybe family or friends, and the puzzle pieces. 

Happy puzzling, and we hope you stay in touch!

Lucas Råssjö